Kavina Nagrani appointed to Ontario Society of Senior Citizen’s Organizations Board of Directors

Loopstra Nixon is pleased to announce the appointment of Kavina Nagrani to the Ontario Society of Senior Citizen’s Organizations (OSSCO) Board of Directors.

Founded in 1986, OCSCO is a collaborative group of community minded individuals in our province who are committed to improving the quality of life for Ontario’s seniors through educational programs, research, public awareness, information, referral, counseling, community outreach and support, self-help and volunteer programs. Today, there are more than 140 organizations under OSSCO’s umbrella, representing 500,000 seniors in Ontario. In 2017, OSSCO celebrates 30 years of contributing to the quality of life for Ontario seniors. 

This appointment is a continuation of Ms. Nagrani's dedication to serving Ontario's senior community and an extension of Loopstra Nixon's long history of contributing to our communities and supporting positive change.  Congratulations to Ms. Nagrani.