Workplace Policies

Workplace policies and procedures are the formal rules and guidelines that set out expectations of behaviour and performance in the work environment. They are an opportunity for employers to outline any critical rules, guidelines, and expectations and can be an effective way to manage risk, minimize uncertainty, and limit potential litigation stemming from workplace disputes.

They define workplace harassment policies, leave of absence policies, workplace violence, sick time policy, hours of work and dress code, among others. Under Ontario law, there are also certain policies employers are obligated to have in the workplace, including policies around workplace violence and harassment.

The lawyers in our Employment Law group regularly advise employers on workplace policies and handbooks. We can review, advise and amend existing policies, draft new policies, and proactively advise you on any areas of legal risk. We understand that the laws within this area are continuously changing and we are committed to ensuring our clients are kept up-to-date on all major developments, ensuring our clients are always positioned at an advantage.