Working Together

Part of our “concierge service” means clear communication on business processes and cost-saving tips that make for a satisfying experience.

Meeting arrangements

We are available to meet during regular weekday business hours, subject to court appearances and other client meetings. We can also meet during off-hours should that be easier for you.

First meeting preparations

Please bring any documents or material related to your matter as this will save you time and cost. Also, please advise us in advance of your chosen method of payment so we can tailor invoicing to your requirements.

Fee arrangements

There is no fee to open a file.

The majority of our transactional work is billed on an hourly basis. Depending on the nature and complexity of the matter there may be certain instances where a fee per-transaction is arranged in advance. We are happy to provide running updates as requested. Should a matter take on more complexity than originally expected and defined at the outset, you will be notified in advance and asked for approval before any next steps are taken.

Litigation and mediation/arbitration services are charged at a straight hourly fee rate.

All fees exclude taxes and disbursements.


Our current clients refer many new clients to us. Lawyers seeking expertise on behalf of their clients also refer new clients to us. We’re happy to help in either circumstance.

Requests for proposals

We provide client-customized responses to requests for proposals. If you wish to submit a formal RFP, please contact our office administrator Lynn Baulcomb at

Privacy and confidentiality

Your privacy and confidentiality are critical factors. We treat both with utmost seriousness and respect. As lawyers, we work according to the Rules of Professional Conduct, and strive to protect you and your interests. We invite you to review our privacy policy.