Articling Program

*We have completed our hiring for the 2020-2021 articling term.*

Articling Recruitment Procedures

With the attraction of bright, business-minded legal professionals in mind, we base our student hiring decisions on a candidates achievements, potential and organizational fit.  Students invited to be a part of our articling program are results-driven, entrepreneurial and share our vision of offering consistently excellent value-based service to clients. 

Provided below are details on our program.  To learn how you can make your application stand out, read our Application Tips.

The Articling Program

The Articling term is often the first opportunity students have to experience the day-to-day aspects of the practice of law. At Loopstra Nixon, students are an integral part of the firm and are encouraged to participate in all of the firm's areas of practice. Students will work with a number of different lawyers within the firm during the articling term. We believe exposure to a variety of legal issues and professional styles best facilitates the development of the legal and business skills required of a practicing lawyer.

Rotation System

During the articling term, students will be involved in three rotations:

Corporate/Commercial/Trusts & Estates/Bankruptcy
Public Law/Administrative/Municipal/Real Estate

We hope to ensure that students gain experience in all areas of the firm and achieve an understanding of the fundamentals of our practice, however; the program is flexible and students are able to become more involved in the areas that are of interest to them. The atmosphere and size of our firm allows students to quickly assume significant responsibility on matters and transactions.

Evaluation, Feedback and Rehiring

Performance assessments are undertaken at regular intervals during the articling term and the results are reviewed with the student. This is in addition to the formal evaluation of the Education Plan required by the Law Society of Upper Canada. When associate lawyers are hired by the firm, primary consideration is given to our articling students. Many of the lawyers at Loopstra Nixon articled with the firm. Students who demonstrate both strong academic abilities and very good interpersonal skills are best positioned to be considered for rehiring.

Social Activities

The atmosphere within the firm is very collegial, which facilitates the development of strong professional and personal relationships. A big part of success in law comes through informal interaction. Accordingly, special lunches, parties, and evening social events are scheduled for the lawyers, students and staff. Many of the lawyers are sports enthusiasts - golf days and racquet sports are often scheduled between lawyers and students. A subsidized health club membership is also available to the students.

Salaries and Benefits

Salaries paid to students at the firm are competitive with those paid by other Toronto-area law firms of comparable size. Students receive two weeks paid vacation during their articles and are given a comprehensive benefit package. Tuition for the Bar Admission course will be reimbursed to the student upon commencement of articles.

For more information, feel free to contact:

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