Corporate Immigration

Today’s global economy often requires businesses to onboard foreign talent or transfer employees between global divisions. The government is become more stringent in its approach and has introduced new checks and balances. Knowing the system is key to ensuring successful entry as the government’s tactics become more stringent.

We help employers navigate the system to obtain the work permits required for cross-border hiring of employees in a wide range of occupational groups and industries, including inter-company and cross-border transfers under the USMCA and GATS. We also provide assistance transitioning temporary foreign worker employees to permanent residence under the express entry and provincial nominee streams.

Our full range of services include:

  • Business visitor facilitations
  • Port of entry work permit applications
  • Consular work applications
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment Applications
  • Global Talent Stream Applications
  • Work permit renewals
  • Permanent Residence
  • HR Immigration Compliance Training
  • Applications for Temporary Resident Visas
  • Applications for temporary resident permits to overcome criminal inadmissibility
  • Citizenship applications
  • Immigration Flag Removals
  • Restoration of Status Applications
  • Permanent Resident Card Renewals
  • IRCC Audit Response filing
  • ESDC Audit Response filing


Naseem Malik