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Estates Litigators Recognized for Leadership in Amicus Pilot Project

Loopstra Nixon LLP Partner Matthew Rendely, along with Alex Procope of Perez Bryan Procope LLP recently acted as ‘friends of the court’ (amicus curiae) in the first estates case to be heard as part of the recently launched Amicus Pilot Program for the Ontario Estates and Commercial List.

The Amicus Pilot Program is intended to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Ontario’s civil courts by providing access to volunteer counsel when requested. Unlike pro bono counsel who are appointed to represent clients before the courts when they cannot afford a lawyer, amicus curiae are appointed to assist the parties in following the rules of procedure when presenting their arguments and to help minimize delays in moving the case forward.

Matthew and Alex volunteered their time assisting the parties in McGregor v. Green Perkin, in which several family members were contesting their mother’s guardianship.  

The Amicus Program is in its early days, but it is already proving to have a beneficial impact. In her decision in McGregor v. Green Perkin, Justice Gilmore noted:

 “All of the parties in this litigation are self-represented. They have benefitted from the assistance of counsel appointed as amicus curiae to assist them with the drafting of their materials and to assist the court with any questions during the hearing. The court is very grateful to both Mr. Matthew Rendely and Mr. Alex Procope for their time and patience in this matter.”

Matthew and Alex, along with colleagues Daniel Schwartz and Rachel Fielding of Thornton Grout Finnigan LLP, and Jeremy Opolsky of Torys LLP worked together to launch this program across the Ontario Estates and Commercial List. 

McGregor v. Green Perkin judgment January 23 2024