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Kavina Nagrani

Kavina leads our Estates Law practice area and is unique in the sense that she works both as a planner and litigator.  

Estate & Trust Planning

As part of our Wealth Management team, Kavina works closely with our corporate commercial lawyers to help individuals, business owners and other professionals to develop sound and tax-efficient estate and business succession plans.  Her expertise covers multiple will strategies, US/CDA cross-border issues, private business succession and trusts.  Kavina works with a variety of legal solutions that can be implemented to help clients with complex family and business situations.

Prior to obtaining her law degree, Kavina spent over ten years in non-legal, business roles where she consulted a wide range of clients both in Canada and the US in banking, retail, technology and other industries on workforce management technologies and solutions.  Her pre-law career gives her a unique perspective as a lawyer and a solid business foundation which makes her relatable to her clientele.

Estate & Trust Administration

Kavina is often retained by Executors and Trustees to prepare probate applications, assist with liquidation and transfer of assets from an estate or trust to beneficiaries, and in the preparation of estate and trust accounting. She has experience dealing both with cases of intestacy (death without a Will), and where there is a Will which may have certain complexities or ambiguities.  

Estate & Elder Law Litigation

With our now aging demographic, estate disputes and elder-law issues are becoming more common.  Kavina deals both in and out of the courtroom with complex family situations which may involve: financial elder abuse, power of attorney issues, mental capacity, guardianship, disputes involving multiple executors, will challenges, and dependent’s relief claims.   Kavina belongs to various organizations in support of elder advocacy, the prevention of elder abuse and is a strong supporter of building age-friendly communities. She is a strong proponent of protecting the rights and autonomy of older adults and she is often invited to give presentations in the community about these topics.  

Qualifications and Designations

Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP), Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP)
Juris Doctor (JD), Western Law University
Osgood Certificate in Elder Law, York University
H.B.A, Finance Specialization, University of Waterloo
Masters Certificate in Project Management, Schulich School of Business
Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute