Webinar:Primer on Legal Implications and Risk Management of COVID-19 “Coronavirus Outbreak”

For those who missed it, our Primer on Legal Implications and Risk Management of COVID-19 “Coronavirus Outbreak" webinar is available here, on-demand.  You can also access a copy of the presentation slides here, for your reference.

The lawyers at Loopstra Nixon are actively engaged in and monitoring the developments of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak amid mounting client inquiries, including the legal implications and risks arising for businesses.

As a full-service business law firm, we are positioned to advise on a number of matters which may be immediately actionable. The following are some of things that we are doing to assist our clients:

  1. Negotiating and representing your business in commercial disputes arising from supply chain and other matters
  2. Reviewing existing material agreements for the trigger of key provisions (e.g. frustration of performance, force majeure, liquidated damages, exclusivity etc.)
  3. Preparing next steps and available options in the event of a deterioration of existing commercial relationships with counterparties
  4. Updating contractual provisions of standard form documents and agreements under negotiation
  5. Managing indemnities and allocating risk in the event that business interruption insurance coverage is inadequate
  6. Advising on employer obligations, duties and employment guidelines for various work and travel arrangements with employees and contractors
  7. Addressing gaps in business continuity planning

Before taking action that may affect your rights and obligations under existing contracts or applicable law, we would be happy to discuss any related matter.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in reaching out to Allan Ritchie at the following contact information: aritchie@loonix.com and +1 (416) 748-4754