Allan Ritchie to Co-Chair Risk Management Session at Tokyo Conference

Loopstra Nixon Partner, Allan Ritchie will co-chair a workshop on Risk Management and Risk Mitigation for Law Firms at the Spring 2016 LawExchange International Conference in Tokyo, Japan on Tuesday April 26th 2016. Allan, will be joined by co-chairs Simon Biggin (Partner, Hewitsons LLP, UK), Carl Barnes (Partner, MBBP LLP, Boston) and Eva Radova (Partner, Rada & Partner, Czech Republic). The session will be attended by law firm leaders from 28 global law firms who will develop risk management strategies using a 'Boston Matrix' approach.

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LawExchange International member firms possess the local knowledge necessary to help eliminate the challenges associated with doing business in a worldwide marketplace. Access to this knowledge can prove invaluable to clients doing business in foreign markets in terms of navigating the local laws, procedures, economic and business climates, cultures and politics in the countries in which they are doing business.

LawExchange International members are comprised of some of the top commercial firms serving middle-market and entrepreneurial businesses around the world. Members are carefully selected for membership based on a number of factors, including professional competence, reputation, integrity, and commitment to exceptional client service.

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