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Recount Refused - Township of Scugog Election Upheld

In a decision issued February 7, 2019 by the Superior Court of Justice - Ontario,  Justice J. Di Luca dismissed the application of former Scugog Township Councillor Don Kett, who had sought a recount in the 2018 Township of Scugog municipal election pursuant to the Municipal Elections Act.  

In a well-reasoned and lengthy decision, the court rejected all of the grounds advanced by Mr. Kett, describing them as “having a thread grasping, conspiracy like quality to them.”  After reviewing Mr. Kett’s evidence thoroughly, Justice Di Luca concluded that  “Mr. Kett essentially offers no evidence that anything untoward happened with the election process.  His complaints are based on speculation…” and that “…Mr. Kett is not looking for answers.  He is looking for questions.  The answers do not matter as Mr. Kett is simply not prepared to accept the results of this election”.  The court awarded costs against Mr. Kett.

The Township of Scugog was well represented by Loopstra Nixon partners Christopher Lee and Steven Ferri.